Coyoteland Media Group is a group that operates in the Media sector, based in Portugal, with offices in Angola and Spain.

In television, the segment of thematic music channels, the Group as Afro Music Channel, leader off audiences in Angola and Mozambique. Along with this channel, we also have Afro Music Concert, Afro Music Angola, Afro Music POP and a generalist channel called Banda Tv.

The Group is also present in other business related to the media sector, such as the production of content for television, press and broadcast services.

Why choose Coyoteland Media

We are a media group with 10 years of market experience with a special focus on television; a group that has been gradually growing on a sustained basis and that risked investing in other areas such as telecommunications, content production, training, editorial; a group that has infrastructures, human resources and technical facilities in Portugal, Angola, Spain, Nigeria and Dubai.

Content Production
Broadcast Services