7 April, 2015


Our executives use their knowledge to guide customers through constant improvements in the technological landscape and in order to choose the best technology so that it suits their production and budget needs.,,pt,for the markets of Portugal, Spain and Africa.,,pt,Marsis transmission solutions are the result of many years of experience in the consulting field, especially in the American market.,,pt

A Coyoteland Media é um representante exclusivo da Marsis para os mercados de Portugal, Espanha e África.

As soluções de transmissão da Marsis resultam de muitos anos de experiência na área de consultoria em especial no mercado Americano.

A Coyoteland Media é também representante comercial da Zixi para os mercados de Portugal, Espanha e África.

Zixi presents one of the most innovative software internationally, especially with regard to the video definition platform (SDVP) for OTT or linear channels. A solution based on direct video transmission with a quality above any IP network, protocol, cloud provider or any high-end device.,,pt,Marsis offers low maintenance, fast, user-friendly and powerful solutions and with several high availability solutions for broadcasters.,,pt,Providing from the channel in the box to the multi-channel playout, graphics, recordings, storage, Newsroom & amp; Cross-MAM, Cloud transmission and VOD solutions.,,pt



A Marsis disponibiliza soluções de baixa manutenção, rápidas, user-friendly e potente e com várias soluções de alta disponibilidade para as emissoras.
Disponibilizando desde o canal na box ao playout multi-canal, gráficos, gravações, armazenamento, plataformas de Newsroom & MAM cruzadas, transmissão em Cloud e soluções VOD.


Marsis Cloud services include playout, graphics and streaming for start-up, web or regular channels. And secondary services for occasional use, disaster recovery or remote playout applications.,,pt,Cloud services have virtual storage, direct transmission, Video On Demand and E -learning.,,pt,Automation of TV and Newsroom systems, NDI®, live productions, broadcast, broadcast, channel brand image and media resource management solutions. All of these solutions are integrated, easy to handle, low maintenance and robust.,,pt,CONTENTS AND BROADCAST SERVICES IN ANGOLA SINCE 2015,,en
Os serviços de Cloud possuem armazenamento virtual, transmissão direta, Video On Demand e E -learning.


Automação de TV e sistemas de Newsroom, NDI®, produções em direto, emissão, transmissão, imagem de marca do canal e soluções de gestão dos recursos de Media. Todas estas soluções são integradas, de fácil manuseamento, baixa manutenção e robustez.

M.A.D Prestação de Serviços Audiovisuais

M.A.D - Audiovisual services is a company based in Angola that belongs to the Coyteland Media Group. It consists of professionals linked to the Angolan territory and dedicated to the creation of audiovisual content and digital media of excellent quality.,,pt,TECHNOLOGY - CoyoteLand Media Group,,pt