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As one of the leading International Playout service providers we provide our customer with a high reliable and self-managed TV Channel Playout automation that fits your business requirements.

Our Playout centers in Lisbon (Portugal) are fully equipped with content ingest and management, digital archival, quality control, subtitling, ad insertion, logo insertion and graphic overlay facilities required for a state-of-the-art Broadcast Channel Generation.

All our centers are interconnected via our fiber based network which facilitates the world wide distribution via satellite and terrestrial video networks to TV platform operators and TV broadcast platforms.Coyoteland guarantees the highest reliable channel availability and an instant disaster recovery

We create dynamic channels by assembling the playlist from the media content library and the insertion of live transmision into your channels. We operate “turn-key” services for the generation of TV-Channels for their deployment all around the world.

Serviços de Teleport

Via our teleports in Guadalajara (Spain) Coyoteland offers the content distribution on a worldwide coverage. Coyoteland distribution network benefits from the advantages of satellites, our terrestrial video fiber network and the Internet.

Our teleports aggregate services which a processed and managed to be broadcasted trough more than 20 satellite uplink on the widest range of available satellites as for example SES Astra, Arabsat , Eutelsat, Hispasat, and Intelsat or delivered over the dedicated video fiber to the leading TV platforms and Media Hub‘s at any corner of the world.

Coyoteland´s dedicated professionals committed to an excellent engineering, fresh, innovative and proven solutions to deliver the most robust service. We ensure the highest reliability of your channel round-the-clock.


Our Live Event Gathering service are designed to cover the widest range for event transmissions at any location of the world . With a large experience in the transmission of Breaking News, Main Events and Daily Events, we provide our Broadcast customers, Production Crews and Government Institutions with a fully managed Live Event Gathering Service.

Our flexibility is our power. In real time we realize the planning, setup and management of tailor made downlink, uplink, simultaneous translation, turnaround and production services to our wide customers base. Our services cover breaking news providing bespoken new packages for your journalists including camera, operator, uplink and capacity.

Our customers can count on our European Flyaway fleet, Mobile Radio Links and Cellular Network transmission and a team of high qualified professionals with an experienced built up during years of daily experience of production of the largest events and breaking news worldwide.

With a global network of broadcast professionals we cover with a quick response the needs of our customers on a worldwide scale and a proven quality.

Rede de Distribuição de Vídeo

As the pioneers of the video distribution via IP fibers we built a video dedicated distribution network which conects our teleports with the leading TV platforms and Media Hub‘s. The density of the network gives us the possibility of deliver TV signals through our optical broadcast network in Lisbon, Europe, North, Middle and South America, the Middle East and Africa.

As a leader of the HD channel distribution our Media Hubs deliver all available HD channel in the region.

Coyoteland’s network engineering is a source of breaktrough innovations which guarantee the delivery of the worlds importante events, premium TV channels and huge amounts of media content archives. We provide the highest levels of managed video distribution services.

We combine technical know how and business acumen that guarantee the success of the project. Feel free to contact us to make sure to take advantage of our reliable content distribution service