25 March, 2015


Coyoteland Media is strongly committed to the sustainable development of communities it integrates and supports social, educational, environmental and cultural causes with concrete objectives and impact on society.

Benefiting from the vast audience that its communication means provide and aware of its impact the Group has decided to support through specific social causes among the Angolan population, thus contributing not only to fundraising, but also to increasing credibility, knowledge and visibility of selected projects.

In terms of its activity, the Group is more than just complying with the regulation applicable to media activities in Portugal and Angola. It has proactively promoted the adoption of the best international practices in the sector.

The companies of the Group maintain relations with the main agents of the market and of the countries where their companies are present, guaranteeing not only a regular monitoring of the activity of these entities, but also the presence and involvement in the making of decisions that are provoking an impact in the sector.